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FOOD: GOT MILK? Holiday Cocktails

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Who loves milk? Who loves the holidays? Put them together and what do you get? Holiday cocktails with milk? Yes! Not only is milk amazingly good for our bodies, but now you get to shake it up a bit this holiday season thanks to GOT MILK? They have these yummy milk-based drinks created by Mixologist Duggan McDonnell who has been recognized as one of the “Leaders of the American Cocktail Revolution” by Food & Wine Magazine. Try a P.B.& J.Granita, Frothy Vallinanog, or the Cinnamon Sake Horchata (alcohol-based).

Check below for a few recipes!

Frothy Vanillanog
(serves 8)

1 quart milk
8 egg whites
½ cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
Cinnamon powder to taste
Spicy chile powder to taste

Whisk thoroughly in a punch bowl until all ingredients are thoroughly integrated. Spike with an alcoholic elixir if so desired, add ice and dust with a blend of cinnamon and spicy chile powder.

Cinnamon Sake Horchata
(serves 8)

1 quart milk
1 ½ cups Nigori Sake
½ cup homemade cinnamon syrup*
½ cup freshly squeezed lime juice
1 tbsp almond extract
Cinnamon powder to taste

Whisk thoroughly in a punch bowl until all of the ingredients are thoroughly integrated. Add ice, dust with cinnamon and serve.

*Homemade Cinnamon Syrup

6 large cinnamon sticks
8 cups water
6 cups white sugar

Slowly bring water and cinnamon sticks to boil, then let simmer for 30 minutes. Add sugar, turn heat up and boil sugar syrup. Stir thoroughly, remove from heat and chill overnight. Strain, then bottle for use.

by GOT MILK? in collaboration with Duggan McDonnell, named one of the best mixologists in the country by Food and Wine magazine.

***The drink on this page contains alcohol and is appropriate for those 21 and over. Please drink responsibly.***

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