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Medicine Y Tu: The High Price of Prescription Drugs

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At some point in our lives we get sick. It never fails. Whether it’s a cold, chicken pox, or upset stomach-it’s bound to happen. I’ve had pretty much everything and my mom was always there with medicine ready to comfort me. Don’t you just love moms?

Today, when I get sick it’s different. My mom lives a little far from me. LOL. And if I can’t find the medicine I need at the drugstore, I head to my doctor. Like a lot of people out there, I don’t have regular medical insurance. I’m a veteran and I rely on my VA benefits to get me through.

The VA Medical Center I attend is amazing and the pharmacist always has what I need. Most of the time they prescribe me the generic drugs, which makes my co-pay a lot cheaper. That makes me a happy and healthier blogger.

As we all know, prescription drugs are very expensive. It’s annoying. ConsumerReportsHealth.org offers us a few tips on how we can get the best price for our medications.

  • Talk to your doctors and pharmacists. Tell your doctors and pharmacists that the cost of your drugs is important to you. Ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs if possible. Tell the pharmacist that you want generics. Generics usually cost much less than brand-name drugs.
  • Compare drug prices. Drug prices vary. In general, you can save on generics—and sometimes on brand-name drugs—by shopping around locally or online.
  • Shop around locally. Call or visit at least 3 pharmacies. Include at least one large discount store. Wal-Mart and Target sell a 30-day supply of many generic drugs for about $4.00 and a 90-day supply for about $10.00 each. Also ask about discount cards. They can save you 10% to 25% of drug costs.Tell each pharmacist the names of the drugs you need. Ask how much they cost. Explain that you do not have drug coverage and that you will be paying for the drugs yourself. If the store with the lowest price is far away, ask a store near you to match the lower price. Smaller pharmacies will often do this if you live in the neighborhood.

Are you interested in learning more about prescription and generics drugs, and how to save when you visit your pharmacist? Join a very special Latinos and Social Media (LATISM) Twitter party! 

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Disclosure: This campaign has been funded by LATISM to help educate latinos on prescription drugs. I was compensated for this post. The above is my true and honest opinion.



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One Response to “Medicine Y Tu: The High Price of Prescription Drugs”

  1. Ces'Ari Garcia DelmuroNo Gravatar says:

    The other day I had to make an emergency visit to the doctor’s office at like 2AM. Thank goodness I had insurance, otherwise it could have easily been over 500 dollars. It is so not okay that those who are uninsured have to pay such steep prices for prescription drugs and medical treatment in general. Medical fees are the number one reason people went bankrupt in the U.S. Even people who are insured can end up going bankrupt over medical fees! http://www.investopedia.com/slide-show/top-5-reasons-why-people-go-bankrupt#axzz1uIFf281O
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